Top US Law Schools

With 203 American Bar  Associated (ABA) accredited law schools in the United States, there’s a plethora of options for international lawyers and law students looking to pursue an LLM in the United States.


The main rankings for US law schools are produced by US News & World Report. These rankings are based on JD (rather than LLM) admissions and are calculated by analysing the following factors:

  • peer assessment scores;
  • assessment scores by lawyers and judges (i.e reputation);
  • selectivity (based on accepted candidates’ LSAT scores, GPA scores, and overall acceptance rates);
  • employment placement success;
  • bar passage rate; and
  • faculty resources.

Unfortunately, there is no dedicated ranking for LLM programs. Despite this, the US News & World Report rankings give a general reflection on the quality and tier of US law schools. (NB. If you read enough law school-related material online, you will come across the phrase “T-14”. This refers to the top 14 law schools, as ranked by US News & World Report.)

With that general disclaimer, I provide some background to some of the top law schools in the United States.

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