Our Story

When our founder and head consultant, Andrew, was applying to the top LL.M. programs in the United States, he was dissatisfied with the information and consulting services available to foreign applicants. In addition to the dearth of information and advice available to LL.M. applicants, the admission consulting businesses Andrew found offered generic, cookie-cutter services at extortionate rates (by way of example, one admissions consulting business was seeking USD $15,000+ dollars to provide basic help and guidance). In the end, Andrew went it alone and was fortunate enough to receive offers from various law schools, including: Harvard, New York University, Columbia, Berkeley, Duke, and Michigan. In addition to offers of admission, Andrew was fortunate enough to be offered numerous generous scholarships (including full scholarships, such as the Hauser from New York University and the Grotius Fellowship from Michigan).

After meeting other students at Harvard Law School who had the same difficulty accessing information and affordable guidance, the idea of LLMSherpa was born. In addition to providing  providing free information on its website, LLMSherpa offers bespoke consulting services at a mere fraction of what other admissions consulting businesses charge.

Since our founding in 2016, our team of experienced admissions consultants have assisted numerous applicants from Europe, South America, and Australasia achieve admission to the world’s top law schools. Our mission at LLMSherpa  is simple: ensuring our clients’ dreams of attending the top law schools in the United States become a reality. 

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Sherpa /ˈʃəːpə/ noun – An experienced Himalayan guide who helps others on mountain climbing expeditions.

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