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US News & World Report 2016 Ranking: 6

Situated in Greenwich Village on the Southern end of Manhattan Island, New York City, is the colorful and vibrant New York University (NYU).

The LLM program at NYU is mammoth. With a class size of approximately 450 students, the size and diversity of the LLM program is unique (the only other LLM class of this size is found at Georgetown). While the class size may be large, this does not mean admission is easy; NYU states on its websites that for the over 400 LLM positions per year, they receive around 2,800 applications.

Unlike most of the other LLM programs at other universities, the LLM program at NYU has many specializations; while saying this, there is the traditional LLM that allows candidates to choose classes from the plethora of classes that NYU law school offers. The LLM specializations at NYU that applicants can apply to are:

More information about each specialization can be found through the above hyperlinks.

NYU Application

As is standard, NYU requires numerous components from an LLM applicant:

  • The NYU application (submitted via LSAC);
  • The application fee ($80, paid through LSAC);
  • Personal statement;
  • Résumé or curriculum vitae;
  • Official transcripts and class rank statement (submitted via LSAC);
  • English proficiency test (if applicable, submitted via LSAC; both TOEFL and IELTS accepted);
  • Recommendation letters (submitted via LSAC).

In addition to the above, all applicants should consider submitting “the Hauser Global Scholarship Essay”. This is of course, optional, but it puts you in the running for the Hauser Global Scholarship (discussed more below).


NYU Law School is one of the most generous law schools in terms of offering scholarships to LLM applicants.  There are three tiers of scholarships offered by NYU (in descending order of prestige and magnitude): Hauser Global Scholarship; Arthur T. Vanderbilt Scholarship; and Deans Graduate Awards.

Hauser Global Scholarship

The Hauser Global Scholarship is the gold-standard for LLM scholarships at NYU. It is what Americans call a “full ride” and pays for tuition, board, and a stipend (the value of the award is valued at approximately USD$90,000). Not bad, eh?

NYU describes the scholarship in the following terms:

Each year, 10 of the finest students from countries across the world are selected as Hauser Global Scholars by the distinguished members of the Hauser Scholars Selection Committee.  These select individuals — all of whom are LLM students — share their perspectives and experiences from their own legal systems with the rest of the Law School academic community. The Hauser Global Scholars receive a full-tuition scholarship and a living stipend for the year of their studies at NYU and are integrated intellectually and socially in the events of the Hauser Global Law School Program and NYU School of Law.

The biographies of the current scholars can be found here.

So what do you need to do to be considered for such a substantial scholarship? Not much. In addition to the personal statement for the general application, applicants must “electronically attach to the online application an essay of 500 to 750 words that briefly describes a current legal dilemma, controversy, or issue facing a country, a region, or the world, and suggests a strategy to address the problem.” Sound familiar? That’s because it is. It is almost identical to the legal problem essay required by Harvard. Thus, if you’re applying for Harvard, there is no excuse not to apply for the Hauser.

Despite the grand nature of the scholarship, it is worth noting that not all those that are offered the scholarship go to NYU. For the 2016-2017 LLM year, I personally know seven students who turned down the Hauser to go to either Harvard or Yale. In those situations, NYU would have then likely offered the Hauser to the strongest Arthur T. Vanderbilt scholars (a tiered waterfall effect).

Arthur T. Vanderbilt Scholarship

Below the esteemed Hauser Global Scholarship, is the Arthur T. Vanderbilt Scholarship. As NYU described it, “[c]overing the cost of tuition for the full-time master’s degree programs, the Vanderbilt Scholarship is awarded to a select group of extraordinarily talented LLM candidates who have demonstrated outstanding academic promise and/or achievement in their respective field(s) of interest.”

A current list of theArthur T. Vanderbilt scholars can be found here. Unlike the Hauser, no essay is required to be considered; all LLM applicants are considered for the Arthur T. Vanderbilt scholarship.

As with the Hauser above, if someone declines the Arthur T. Vanderbilt (or is elevated to a Hauser scholar), then the top Deans Graduate Award recipient will be promoted.

Deans Graduate Award

These scholarships range from USD$15,000 to USD$30,000 and are credited against an LLM student’s cost of tuition.




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