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LLMSherpa Difference

There are a lot of college consulting services out there. However, many of the companies provide services by faceless individuals at exorbitant rates (some in the thousands of dollars). LLMSherpa is different. Our bespoke services stem from a belief that everyone has a unique, compelling story that means they can get into the LL.M. program of their dreams – our role, in offering consulting services, is to merely help you tell your story.

As a small, intimate company, we only take on a small number of clients; this not only enables us to give our clients a competitive advantage, but it also assures that we can become fully invested in (read: eat, sleep, breathe) each applicant’s application journey.

We would love to be a part of your journey.

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If you would like a free no-obligation 10-minute consultation as to how LLMSherpa can help you achieve your goals, please feel free to contact us.

Base Camp – Narrative and Personal Statement Brainstorming Skype Consultation (30 minutes): USD $185.

Personal Statement Review, Proofread, Edit, and Comment: USD $425.

Legal Essay Review, Proofread, Edit, and Comment: USD $425.

Proofread of Personal Statement and Legal Essay: USD $160 (each).

Resume/Curriculum Vitae Review, Proofread, Edit,  and Comment: USD $150

LLMSherpa Summit Package – includes all of the above: USD $1249. 


“I am super impressed. My biggest problem was linking different ideas together in my personal statement and keeping it short. You have a magical touch. Thank you!!”

– Applicant from Brazil

“Andrew’s ability to listen to my life story and then provide ideas for a personal statement was nothing short of miraculous. He provided invaluable help with my application and I cannot thank him enough.”

– Applicant from Germany


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