LL.M. Application Support and Consulting

There are a lot of LL.M. consulting services out there; many of them provide services by faceless individuals that they charge out at exorbitant rates. I am different. My services stem from a belief that everyone has a unique, compelling story that means they can get into the LL.M. program of their dreams – my role, in offering consulting services, is to merely help you tell your story.

As a single individual, I only take on a small number of clients; this not only enables me to help give my clients the competitive advantage, but it also assures that I can become fully invested in (read: eat, sleep, breath) in each applicant’s application journey.

What I offer:

  • General LL.M. Admissions Strategy
  • Narrative Brainstorming
  • Personal Statement Help
  • Essay Help
  • Expert Proofreading
  • Recommendation Advice and Strategy

If you would like a free consultation, please reach out.


Prepare for the Journey, LLMSherpa lolololol.png