Home Stretch – Three Final Tips

With weeks to go until many of the final deadlines close, some of my clients are asking what are the most important things they should be doing at this stage of the application process? Given there’s only a few weeks to go for many of you, it’s not time for a total re-write of your application, but there are things you can do to improve your chances.

LL.M. Sherpa’s Tips

1. Proofread – Don’t Proofraed

This should go without saying. While you may not think your admission decision rests on the difference between “your” or “you’re”, it could very well come down to that. Good proofreading shows that you do not only have a great command of the English language (which is needed to excel in a rigorous LL.M. program), but it also shows the care you put into your work product.

By this stage, you should be going line-by-line over your personal statement (and, if applicable, essay). Get your friends to look over it. Get your parents to look over it. If you think there are no mistakes/nothing you can improve, you are probably wrong and overlooking something.

2. Updating the Legal-Issue Essay

If you followed my suggested timeline, you would likely have written your legal issue essay a while back (remember, this is a requirement for Harvard and, for example, the NYU’s Hauser Scholarship). Make sure that there have been no new significant legal develops (i.e. cases, statutes, or policy initiatives) that significantly affect your argument. Your essay will be read by assigned professors who are experts in the area; thus, you cannot bluff your way through the essay. If you have missed significant legal developments, or new legal developments mean your essay is lacking, these assigned professors will know.

3. Congruency of Narrative

Read over everything. Your application  (resume, personal statement, legal essay) should all work together to tell a consistent narrative. If there are any inconsistencies, fix these so the whole application is harmonious.

Prepare for the Journey, LLMSherpa lolololol.png


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